An Insight into TitanTrade Binary Option

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TitanTrade is the newest Spot option broker started in 2013 and is a consumer satisfaction oriented dealer. Since simplicity is the base of any business model, the main motto of TitanTrade is to offer trader a brief picture of their handy features when trading. It features updated platform that includes new tools.

Before taking up any trading option, it’s better to read the reviews, so that you can learn more about the account types, banking options, and support. You can as well make use of online videos or free tutorials to learn by yourself. It also has the shortest expiry time of 30sec and 1min as well as 2mins. You can also avail the benefit of long-term option with expiration times of months or weeks into the future. The charts and graphs are synchronized and quite easy to read/understand as well. Moreover, there is 24/7 customer care service via toll free telephone and live chat in five nations. Pick trading screen of your choice for better customization. Withdrawals and deposits are processed proficiently by use of wire transfer or debit/credit card.

What Are Binary Options?

User-friendly and easy-to-use, it lets you to pick an option direction with a rigid return. It’s just a simple method to start or learn binary trading options. In fact, you would have a managed risk whether the cost of your option will fall below the current rate or rise above the rate at the time of expiry. Being the newest Titantrade binary option broker, it offers the best trading experience. It gives its customers efficient trading with a range of modes and tools.

Trading Options

The modes add extra features to the standard low or high binary option trading.

Long Term: This model follows the same rules as traditional stock trading, but here you would get some options to avoid some unexpected moves.

One Touch: Here, one can have up to 500 percent payouts, where traders can win much, though can lose all that’s invested. There’s no waiting period here; as the price reaches the target level or falls below, it shows the result.

60 seconds: It features expiry date, such as 30 seconds, 60 seconds (1min) or 2 minutes. Traders should respond immediately to technical signals to get high profit.

Now, it is up to you to pick the TitanTrade account of your choice, such as Test/Micro, Classic, Premium, Platinum, or VIP trading account.

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