Explaining Software Development and Documentation

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Software plays an important role in the improvement on the way people use the computer and other devices. It serves as the means or tools for use and productivity of a particular person using devices or computers. In relation to this, people would always want to make life easier and more convenient the reason why the IT professionals have developed software development and documentation. They foresee it as great contribution toward a more meaningful and productive use of the devices.

The development of the large software systems is indeed one of the most complex tasks that a human undertake. It is something that would require careful planning and implementation in order to succeed to a particular goal, which is to make the software function the way you wanted it to be.

The software development and documentation

The software documentation is a written text that goes together with computer software. The software documentation can either explains how to use or operate it. It may also mean to people in different roles of different perspectives. There type of software documents that are being done:

Architecture/design—this refers to the documentation of the overview of the software that includes relations of the construction and environment principles that will be use in designing the components of the software.
Requirements—this includes statements, which identify the capabilities, attributes, qualities and characteristics of the system. This serves the foundation for has been and shall be implemented.
End user—this refers to the documentation of the manuals for the system administrators, end-user and support staff.
Technical—refers to the documentation of the algorithms, code, APIs and interfaces.
Marketing—includes the “how” in marketing the product and analyzing the market demand.
The software development, on the other hand, is the computer documenting, testing, programming, and bug fixing that involves in maintaining and creating the frameworks and applications of the software product. It refers to the conceptualization of your desired software that has undergone structured process in order to achieve the final manifestation of a particular software.

The software development may also include new development, modification, research, maintenance, prototyping and any other activities that concerns improvement and development of the software product.

The importance of software development and documentation

The software development and documentation is both associated with the requirements in order to achieve the desired software product. They are bound to act as the medium of the communication between the development members and team. They should be providing the needed information of the management in planning the schedule and budget of the software development process. The documents also help the users on how to use and to administer he system.


This only means that the software development and documentation must goes together in order to develop well-developed software in which everyone will benefit. They both need each other. In the software development and documentation, it is important that you know the roles of each, since they are both playing a significant role in the success of the particular software product.

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