Landing the Tech Job You Want

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Though demand has never been higher for computer experts in America, it nevertheless remains a competitive field. While you can probably get a job, getting the job you want, or the one you paid for, can still be hard, even if you excelled in college. With the amount of money large tech firms pay these days, they can afford to be extremely picky with their applicants. Having something to set you apart, like skills or diverse areas of expertise, is a gold mine, and work experience, even from an IT staffing solutions service, can go a long way in establishing trustworthiness.

Skills to Pay the Bills

If you’re applying to be, for instance, a C++ programmer or a web developer, you can bet every other applicant can program in C++ and make websites. Can they do it as well as you? Maybe not, but they’ll say they will on resumes and in interviews. You don’t get the top jobs by merely being good at what they want you to do. The best candidates stand out in some way. Maybe they excel so much at coding they’ve made a game; maybe they’re such a good web developer they have an existing portfolio. Maybe they can offer something else, a knowledge of other languages (programming and spoken), an ability to write well or speak to crowds, a history of community service or passion for a cause. Thousands of people will apply for the most exciting jobs. You need something else to stand out among them.

A History of Work

Work experience is one of the clearest ways to say “I am responsible, dependable, and verified by professionals.” It’s also a fantastic source of references and recommendations. Obviously, the more impressive job the better, but if you’re struggling to find an attractive position, remember that any work is better than no work. For quick, all-purpose job experience, look into an IT staffing solutions service. IT staffing companies will match you up for short-term, real-world job assignments in your area, so you don’t have to move or commit to the job you don’t want. It looks better than a standard retail or service job to human resources, too, as it’s still in a tech field. But, at the end of the day, don’t be afraid of baby steps. While the stereotype is that tech jobs hire young, you’ll be young for longer than you think

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