Signs It’s Time to Expand Your Business

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Are you considering expanding your small business? This is a difficult decision that requires a lot of forethought and planning. After all, it can be difficult to know when you are truly ready to expand. Here are a few signals that your business is prepared to grow and move onto its next stage.

Steadily Growing Sales

One of the most obvious signs that your company is ready to expand is if you have more business than you can handle. Look at your sales records and check for signs of sustained demand. Having a busy month is not the same as an increase in demand. Before you make any arrangements to expand your company, you must ensure that your popularity is real and not just an above average period of sales.

Meeting Goals

When you first started your company, you made a business plan and set clearly defined goals. Have you kept up with your goals and achieved what you wanted to? If your company has consistently met goals ahead of schedule, you might be able to fast track your plans. Be sure to take advantage of small business consulting in Chicago to determine if this is the best course of action for your company or if you should play it safe.

Industry Growth

Take a step back and look at your industry on the whole. Do you have a lot of competition? Are you merely scratching the surface in your industry? If you are in an industry without a lot of competition and an untapped customer base, you have a better chance of growing your business successfully.

Strong Team of Employees

Scaling up your business is a lot easier when you have a great team of smart and hardworking employees to support you. Picture your business five years down the road, are the same people working for your company? Your core staff should be as invested in the future of your business as you are. If not, you may need to make new, strategic hires. Everyone on your team should understand and be committed to your company vision.


Unfortunately, you can’t expand your business without a decent amount of money in the bank. Even if your business is doing great on paper, you must have a positive cash flow to fuel your expansion. A company that offers small business consulting in Chicago can help you review your sales records and financial documents to figure out if you are ready to grow.

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