How to Choose the Right Painting Contractor?

Painting is one of the simplest home improvement jobs for a homeowner; however, some complications can still arise. Sometimes, you may not have the time for the project, don’t know the proper way to prepare the surface to ensure a satisfactory job well done, or just don’t have access to the right tools. In these cases, hiring a contractor for interior house painting in Roswell can be incredibly beneficial.

But, how do you find the right contractor for you painting job? Here are some factors you should take into consideration when choosing a contractor.

Legal Licensing

Whether a painting contractor has the required state-issued license and general liability insurance should be one of the first and most critical deciding factors for many homeowners; this is because the lack of these certifications is not easily overlooked. The proper documents protect the contractor, their on-site workers, you, and your home. A reputable and dependable contractor will have the right documentation to prove their credibility.


How long have the prospective contractors been in business? The experience and the knowledge that come with it prove a contractor’s legitimacy. Also, due to this trade’s high turnover rate, you should search for a vendor that has been operating successfully for three or more years.

Professional Knowledge

A professional and reputable contractor should know and recommend what types of materials, techniques, and paints work best for your project. This is where experience comes in; this trade is constantly innovating with the next best trend. Showing that they can make suggestions based on this information displays that they are knowledgeable in their field and can adapt to continuously changing influences.


Can your contractor provide references? Before making any hiring decision, you should contact the references provided and receive their input. All contractors can give a list of some of their favorite or most frequent customers. Though, because a reference list is often comprised of favorites, it’s also critical to ask your contractor for some of their most recent clients to get a full understanding. Contacting and researching these customers can help mitigate the risk of hiring.


Cost is, of course, a primary concern. However, looking for the lowest price should not be a determining factor. You should look over the entire scope, taking into account skill, experience, and proven dependability and professionalism.

Getting at least three bids for your interior house painting Roswell job should take no more than a week. After you receive them, compare them without focusing on one aspect over others. For this kind of work, you want a licensed and insured contractor that has a proven track record.

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