The Many Uses of Plastic Buckles

Car-Seats and Strollers

When you become a parent, it is amazing how it seems like every device in the world comes with a plastic buckle. From the moment you leave the hospital with the new baby strapped and buckled in the car seat, it starts to feel like every place you set that child includes a plastic buckle. Going to the store? Buckled in the car seat. Going for a walk? Buckled in the stroller. The buckles in most car seats are very similar to a seatbelt buckle, but strollers might have a plastic side release buckle.

Baby Swings

Even at home, a new baby will spend quite a bit of time buckled in something. Swings can be a lifesaver to exhausted young parents. You can only walk the floor for so long with a crying baby. Fortunately, being snuggled into a swing with the gentle rocking motion can help even a crabby baby get some sleep. But once again—buckles. Most swings have nylon straps and plastic buckles to keep baby safe and sound.

High Chairs

High chairs are another household baby item requiring straps and buckles. Most high chairs at home will have both shoulder straps and a lap strap. With all these straps snapping into one center buckle, it might have a release button in the center rather than the side release style. These can be harder to unbuckle than the side release buckles that you simply squeeze. Since you have to press the center hard instead of pinching the sides in, you may experience that moment of panic wondering if your child will be trapped in the high chair for hours. High chairs in restaurants, on the other hand, usually just have a lap belt with a simple plastic side release buckle.

Bags and Backpacks

Not only do baby carrier backpacks have plastic buckles, but various other bags do as well. Computer bags and bookbags often are also secured by plastic side release buckles. Whether you are an academic scholar or business professional, these bags, with adjustable straps and plastic buckles, are very convenient. It can be a finger-pincher, but most the time a simple squeeze of the sides causes a quick release of the buckle. These are fast and easy to use since they only require one hand to squeeze and release. You can open your bookbag without even setting your coffee down.

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