Toughening Your Concrete Turf

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Concrete is a common component in today’s world, thanks to its easy manufacturing and application and the great durability it has. It’s been known to hold against some of the strongest currents of the world, such as the large waters that flow through the Hoover Dam, and it’s an integral part in creating roads, foundations to office buildings and homes, parking garages that hold dozens of heavy cars and trucks on a daily basis, stained concrete floors for warehouses or vintage style apartments, and many other ordinary spots you probably don’t even notice. However, when placing concrete down, it’s crucial to place it down correctly in order to maximize its toughness against the elements, so knowing how to cure concrete – using handy tools such as concrete wet curing blankets – can make all the difference.

Why Curing Is Needed

Concrete is created through a mixture of ground rock – ranging from coarse pebbles to very fine granules of sand – and a sealant of cement, applied in a liquid form to any surface or mold until it hardens into a solid form overtime. While those new to applying concrete may believe that setting concrete is an easy business, the overall durability and resistance to erosive elements – ranging from inclement weather such as ice storms and freezes to physical abrasion and wear from frequent pressure such as what you would see on a road – is heavily dependent on how the concrete dries. Therefore, curing processes are used to help the concrete set to certain specifications needed for the structure, giving them stronger resilience and a longer lifespan to save on the hassle and cost for repairs.

The Wet Blanket Method

There are several different curing methods professionals use in order the boost the quality of their concrete, used at several different moments of the curing process as well. Maintaining the mixing water within the concrete during the curing process, for example, allows concrete to adjust to temperature change far better and to prevent breakage during particularly hot or cold times of the month, perfect for concrete fixtures that’ll be constantly exposed to outdoor elements. An example of this process is the use of a curing blanket, which covers the concrete surface once its hardened to a certain degree, preventing surface damage while building during the summer or winter.

Set your concrete projects to their ideal sturdiness, using tools such as the concrete wet curing blanket, and build a stronger future for everyone today.

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