Virtual Services to Help Grow Your Business

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You spent considerable time searching for the ideal office space in Houston for your business. Have you considered what support services are available to help you grow your business? Many office suite providers offer excellent reception services, but you may want to think about higher level administrative support. Read on for ideas about three types of administrative services that could benefit your business.

Is Your Email at Inbox Zero?

Most business owners have a love/hate relationship with email. It’s a necessary communication tool but it quickly gets to a stage where it completely overwhelms. One popular idea for email management is to reach for a target of zero unread e-mails. While it sounds like a lofty goal, with assistance, many business owners can get the email monster under control. Email management is a task often hired out to a virtual administrative service. The assistant contracts to log-in to your business email, usually daily, and helps you organize the mailbox contents. Some assistants go so far as to answer certain emails, which can be an excellent timesaver for you. At the least, the assistant, with your consent, sets up an email filing system, which works to keep you organized, and your mailbox better managed.

Don’t You Just Love Bookkeeping?

Some business owners do enjoy bookkeeping tasks but for most it’s not the most favorite activity, nor is it the most efficient use of your precious time. Frankly, if you started a business, unless it’s a bookkeeping business, your passion is more likely sales and marketing, or inventing new products. Bookkeeping takes a considerable amount of time, but you can easily hire a person who specializes in helping small business owners keep track of their books. Most small businesses don’t need a full-time bookkeeper, which helps keep your expenses down. You can easily have the person you select drop by your Houston office space to pick-up any necessary files. Better yet, use technology to share files and save time for everyone. You may even be fortunate enough to find someone who specializes in both bookkeeping and accounting.

Do You Have a Social Media Presence?

Social media is an area where many small business owners need help. Developing a social media presence takes time and expertise. An administrative support person who is familiar with the full range of social media platforms can tailor content for each one, creating a strong marketing strategy for any small business. Most people who offer this service participate in training and often, certification to work with social media. The best thing about the internet is you can view sites to see how a social media specialist helps other businesses to determine if they might offer services applicable to you.

There are many more services an administrative support person can offer a small business owner. It all depends on the type of business, the budget, and your individual needs. You’ve made a great decision by moving into your own office space in Houston, take time to consider other ways you might help your business grow.

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