5 Reasons to Work with a Trademark Attorney

You have a great idea that you could monetize. It could be a product concept, a business name or a marketing slogan. But wait, before you do anything else, you should contact a trademark attorney in NYC to help protect your idea. The world is a competitive place. If you think your idea is good, chances are someone else will also think so. You need to legally protect your idea before someone takes it. Here’s what an attorney can do for you.

Evaluate Your Needs

Do you need a patent, a trademark or copyright protection? An attorney will listen to you to determine what type of legal services you need. Your attorney will advise you on the best course of action to protect your intellectual property.

Conduct Legal Research

Before any applications are filed, your trademark lawyer in NYC will conduct research to see if there is anything like your idea already patented or trademarked. If the answer is “yes,” your application is likely to be denied by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. While disappointing to find out that your idea is already taken, it saves you from investing more resources in a plan that is unlikely to succeed.

Guide You to Success

If legal research indicates that your application is unlikely to be approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a lawyer may be able to offer suggestions on how to modify your concept to make it legally defensible. Your attorney is on your side.

File an Application

While it’s true that you could file an application on your own, there are many advantages to engaging the services of an attorney. The staff at the United States Patent and Trademark Office will process your application, but they won’t offer you legal advice. Staff members will do their best to make sure your application is submitted correctly, yet they may not fully understand your situation. They work with thousands of applicants and don’t have time to give you individual attention. On the other hand, your attorney works for you.

Protect Your Rights

Once your patent or trademark has been approved, the need for legal representation doesn’t end. Even with a patent or trademark, you may need to take legal action against parties that copy your idea. That’s when it’s beneficial to have a standing relationship with a law firm that knows you and the history of your business.

Legally Protect Your Idea

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or the owner of a long-established business, you should protect your intellectual property by working with a trademark attorney in NYC. You should be the one to benefit from your hard work, not someone else who’s willing to take your idea. Legal services are a good business investment.

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