5 Ways Timber Mats Come in Handy

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Timber mats are a fantastic tool for any construction or project crew. These mats make a lot of innovative projects possible, like stunning skyscrapers and interior design masterpieces. Let’s take a look at five ways timber mat rental can make a difference in the construction world.

Housing Developments

Townhouses, single-family subdivisions, you name it. There is an abundance of housing developments seemingly everywhere you look. Some of these massive projects seize the opportunity of timber mats for rent. This way, crews can work safely on a solid, secure base without worry. Timber mats can support heavy equipment such as cranes and bulldozers. One of the best ways to prevent accidents on housing sites is to use timber mats for stability and support.

High-Rise Offices

The tall towers that make up city skylines across America are quite impressive. So is the fact that somehow, construction crews managed to build these facilities without causing massive chaos and disruption. Timber mats play an important role in the construction of these high-rise apartments and offices. Crews are able to carefully position their equipment and materials on these mats without causing major damage or serious injury.

Sporting Complexes

Sports stadiums are some of the most eye-catching and inspiring architectural accomplishments. Yet all that glory and glamour required considerable caution and thoughtful planning. Timber mat rental often makes jobs like these easier, by giving hardworking crews the platforms they need to get their tasks done safely. Whether it’s putting giant support beams in place or constructing seating levels, timber mats provide the surface needed to do all the work.


While timber mats are well-known for their use in construction projects, they also come in handy for projects in the great outdoors. For crews working on oil rigs or projects involving natural resources, timber crane mats can be used for temporary access roads as well as safely crossing rugged and uneven terrain. In addition, timber mats are also used for bridging ditches, streams and other bodies of water.


Electrical experts working on power lines, power plants or other locations often use timber mats to create a safe surface. Timber mats are perfect for these situations because these mats are up to 12” thick and made from oak or a combination of strong hardwoods. The dense surface means timber mats can handle adverse weather as well as significant pressure without breaking, cracking or dipping into the ground below. Electrical crews are able to depend on their timber mat rental for any of their big projects.

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