All You Need To Know About Translation Industry

Most of us might have heard about terms like localization agency, translation agency, LSP and Translation Company. Besides, there are few people who often get confused between these terms.  In fact many people think that the term location and translation are same and if you are one among them then you are mistaken. Language service providers are extremely popular these days as they do more than simply translating i.e. they localize. The term translation agency is a traditional and older term.

Translation Industry – Commonly Used Terminology       

Translation: Translation is nothing but communication of meaning from one language into the other language. Besides, translation generally refers to the written information. This translation is generally performed either by a translation team or a translator. A translator should be able to communicate the original text into their target language perfectly without compromising on anything.

These translation services are commonly used to translate books, legal documents, technical publications, scientific information, documentations, medical information and etc. The difference between a bilingual speaker and a translator is expressing source language perfectly. A professional translator will be able to translate the source language well whereas a bilingual speaker may not be able to express the source language perfectly.

Translation Agencies: Translation agencies generally offer translation services to their clients. Few translation agencies also offer DTP, software translation, website translation and etc. These translation agencies are also popularly known as localization agencies.

Localization: Localization is nothing but making the source text local i.e. conveying the source message effectively in the target local language. You will not find localization in translation. Localization is generally used by businessmen to promote their business in the local market. Localization is also used to translate the words which do not exist in the other language.

Website Translation: Website translation and website globalization both are same. Website translation is generally used when you want to translate your website into any other language. Both localization and internationalization involves in website translation.

Website Translation = Localization + Internationalization

Software Translation: Software globalization is also popularly called as “Software Translation”. You need both localization and internationalization for software translation.

Software Translation = Localization + Internationalization

Translation Memory: There are a lot of people who think that TM (translation memory) is machine translation but this is not true.  Besides, this technology allows a translation team or a translator to reuse the stored target and source language content for different translation projects.

There are many translation agencies which offer software localization, interpretation, website localization, translation and multilingual DTP services to their clients. But if you think that all of them offer the best services to their clients then you are mistaken. If you don’t have any idea about the translation agencies in your location then the first thing which you have to do is visit their websites in online and their client reviews. Trust me this will help you a lot in finding the best translation agency in your location easily.

It’s time to promote your business using localization and translation services!

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