The Convenience and Quality of Folding Mountain Bicycles

Leisure and Sport

Bicycling has always been an extremely popular pastime and sport. Whether its long distance riding, street racing, or off-road biking, the sport of cycling is a fun and equally fulfilling way to stay active. Yet, there has always been one problem with bicycling. Due to being designed specifically for balance, speed, and comfort, bicycles can be difficult to transport. They are big, clunky, pieces of metal that require a lot of effort to carry around and transport. This does not have to be the case anymore with a folding mountain bike.

An Unbeatable Convenience

Folding mountain bikes are completely changing the cycling game. Normally, a biking enthusiast who is planning a trip to ride off road trails and paths would have to purchase an expensive bike rack to mount on their automobile. After driving to their destination (all the while risking having their bicycle fall from a speeding car), a cyclist must lug their bike around to wherever they want to begin their journey. What should be a fun filled getaway is burdened by the inconvenience of transporting the actual bicycle. This is not the case anymore with folding mountain bikes. A bicycle enthusiast can easily fold up his or her bike to conveniently take it wherever they want to ride.

Maintaining Traditional Quality

The best part about a folding mountain bike is how it still possesses the same amount of quality as a regular, non-folding bicycle. Folding bikes are constructed from the same, lightweight yet heavy duty metals and materials. They essentially are the same bicycle as a traditional, non-folding mountain bike. They have the same gear systems, brakes, shocks, seats, and hardware. The big difference is that folding bikes are constructed carefully to allow a rider to easily fold up the bike. Furthermore, no special tools are required to fold a bicycle. Within a matter of seconds, a cycling enthusiast can fold up his or her bike and easily carry it around and transport it.

The Price Is Right

Unlike other specially designed bicycles, such as electric and motorized bikes or winter-ready bikes, folding mountain bikes are not more expensive than a regular mountain bike. For the same price as a traditional bicycle, a cycling enthusiast can purchase a folding mountain bike. This makes quality mountain bikes that can conveniently fold up accessible to all riders, continuing to contribute to this popular pastime and sport.

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