Durable Construction Crane Mats for Heavy Equipment

When the ground is too soft for heavy construction equipment, or the environment needs to be protected from the ravage of heavy equipment crossing it, crane mats are the only answer. When the work that needs to be done will cross through wetlands, or other land that needs protection, crane mats are laid down to make a stable, portable, roadway. Men and equipment can cross over the land without leaving a path of erosion and other damage behind them.

Choosing the Right Mat

Contractors who use heavy equipment, include those who are involved with these types of work: Overhead lines, environmental, infrastructure, highway, pipelines, oil and gas drilling, mining, wind and solar energy, and more. To keep the job site open, access mats are used as a portable road, or a bridge across wetlands. Depending on the type of environment, the equipment that is to be used on it, and the weather conditions, etc., there are specific mats that are better suited for a particular job site. Crane mat rentals can advise you about which mat would work better for your job site.

Types of Crane Mats

There is a wide variety of materials used for mats. Timber, composite, steel, oak hardwood, and laminated are a few of the materials used to make crane mats. The density of timber mats makes them an excellent choice for temporary stream crossing. They are up to twelve inches thick, and resist the extreme weight of heavy and track equipment. Timber mats provide a stable surface for tracked and wheeled equipment, and allow safe transport over buried utilities and pipelines. Hardwood mats are available in a selection of widths, thicknesses, and lengths. Laminated crane mats are used often on drill sites. They are considered starter mats and are used for lighter loads. Trucks and other rubber-tire vehicles need a staging area, and laminated crane mats are well-suited for that. The mats used mainly for the heaviest equipment are called rig mats. They are made of hardwood, steel, or composite, and come in larger sizes to create a more stable foundation.

Buying or Renting Crane Mats

It is economical for a construction company to look for crane mats for rent rather than buy them and have to store and haul them to job sites. Crane mat rentals have an enormous inventory for whatever type of mat is required, for the specific needs of the environment, the type of equipment to be used, and the weather conditions. They haul the mats in, and then take them away when the job is finished. The construction company can just concentrate on the job at hand, and not worry about that part of the clean up when the work is finished.

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