What You Need to Consider Before Purchasing a Mountain Bike?

Mountain bikes can be a big investment that require a lot of considerations before they are purchased. You want the bike with the best performance that can last for years while still being convenient enough to carry around. Whether you want one with heavier tires or folding mountain bikes, there are many different areas you need to think about before your purchase.

The Gear Shifts

Mountain bikes allow for multiple different gear options to make your bike easier to traverse uphill, downhill, or on different terrain. If you are new to mountain biking, it might be easier to get one with fewer gear options because you do not have to think too much when you have to shift modes. However, getting one with plenty of gear options means you can get exactly what you want without feeling a gear is making the bike lacking when it comes to traversing the hills. Just make sure you have enough training and experience prior to operating a mountain bike to understand which specific gears work for the different elevations and angles.

The Wheel Size

What sets mountain bikes apart from what you would normally find in a bike store is the larger wheel size that allows it to traverse on tougher terrain. You need to consider what type of grounding you would likely be traveling on the most with your new bike. If you plan to travel on nothing but dirt roads and gravel mountains, larger tires might be preferable to withstand the thicker grounding. However, if you plan on shifting to regular roads most of the time, you might need a lighter pair of wheels as riding on larger ones might feel awkward when transitioning between the two different roads.

The Portability

While mountain bikes have been difficult to take around in the past, there have been different developments in the models and tactics to make the process significantly easier. Most people just attach the bikes to the backs of their cars or just fold down the back seats to put the cars in the trunk. In addition, folding mountain bikes now exist to make more room for transporting in your car or taking it on the go. It makes it easier to bring on other vehicles such as trucks, buses, or even boats to explore as many different lands as you can. They are not light, but you need to think about how many types of places you want to explore.

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