3 Reasons You Should Consider Buying a Foldable Bike

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As cities become more bicycle-friendly, more and more people are choosing to ride their bikes to work, school, and anywhere else they might need to go. And if you’re one of these people, you know how inconvenient it is to carry around a full-sized bike between rides.

Enter the folding bike. While these portable bikes have been around for quite a while, they’re just now coming into their own, with high-quality offerings available from multiple manufacturers. If you haven’t looked into buying a foldable commuter bike, here are three compelling reasons you might want to consider it.

1) They’re More Reliable Than They Used to Be

When it comes to foldable commuter bikes, cracking at the hinge has always been a concern. And it’s true that there have been numerous recalls for various brands due to this issue. However, manufacturers have upped their game, and there are now foldable bike companies, such as Change, that have addressed these problems. Of course, it’s always a good idea to do your research before buying a bike, because not all folding bikes are created equal. However, you should know that there are safe, reliable, folding bikes on the market today.

2) They’re Portable

This might seem obvious, as portability is the main selling point of a folding commuter bike, but the convenience factor is through the roof. Do you have a small car? Fold it up and put it in the backseat or trunk. Do you take the train or bus? While public transportation often allows you to bring your bike onboard, being able to fold it neatly in half makes the process a lot easier for you and other commuters.

3) You’ll Ride It More

Do you wish you could ride your bike to work every day, but also have the option to hop in a rideshare or cab if the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse? Would you like to take your bike on vacation, but simply don’t have the room in your car? Since you can take a folding bike more places, you’ll probably find that you’re doing a lot more bike riding than you used to. That means more exercise, which equals a healthier you.

If you’re an avid bike rider, there are several compelling reasons to think about purchasing a foldable commuter bike. With unparalleled convenience, and improved reliability and safety, folding bikes are a great way to commute.

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