5 Important Pieces of Equipment in the Construction Industry

Construction has completely changed the course of history. The past, present and future has been shaped by human’s ability to build and develop, and the construction industry will continue to prosper many years from now. It’s safe to say general construction contractors in Los Angeles, CA, are especially busy with so many projects going on. To make sure they get everything done efficiently and on time, these five tools and pieces of equipment are big parts of the construction world.

Table Saw

Any general construction contractor in Los Angeles, CA, has to have a table saw to cut the building materials they’ll be using to complete their projects. This woodworking implement has a circular saw, which can be adjusted so that contractors can cut wood quickly and carefully. It won’t take long for these builders to have properly cut pieces of wood to put in their project.

Wood Router

Another must-have for general construction contractors in Los Angeles, CA, is a wood router, which is the most versatile power tool for woodworking. These routers can be used for a wide variety of trimming, cutting and shaping wood, metal, plastic, laminates and more. Many of the beautiful finishes and special touches in houses and buildings are made possible by wood routers.


No construction site is fully ready to go without a powered-up jigsaw. This power cutting tool is motor-operated and has a sawing blade that moves repeatedly up and down very fast. Both wood and metal products can be cut using a jigsaw, as well as steel and fiberglass. Jigsaws are easy to use and operate, so both contractors and DIY home improvers can make the most of this tool!


All the building materials in the world wouldn’t make much difference if there wasn’t a way to combine these parts and pieces and make them whole. This handheld power tool features a rotating chuck for drilling holes or driving screws. From minor renovation projects to huge construction jobs, every contractor will have a drill/driver readily available.

Dovetail Jig

Of course, no construction site is fully equipped without a dovetail jig. This is another crucial tool that is specialized for wood joinery. By putting dovetail shaped cuts on similar pieces of lumber, contractors can use this method to join wood instead of screws and nails. Builders can add glue into the joint slots to ensure structural integrity and strength of the entire building. Now, with such awesome tools designed to get everything done, general construction contractors in Los Angeles, CAare capable of doing so much!

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