School Holiday Cleaning Preparation

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One of the most challenging things to do is keeping your house tidy when children are on holiday. You will rarely get a spotless or perfect environment when children are at home. However, you have to make sure that the state of your house does not drive you crazy. Children should be free to play, relax, create, and enjoy their holidays without compromising the tidiness of your home. Here are some school holiday cleaning preparation tricks that you need to keep in mind before schools close.

  • Adjust Your Standards

You need to accept that with your kids at home; the house will not be as tidy as when they are at school. Therefore, it will be a waste of time to try and retain the same standards. You don’t want to spend all the school holidays cleaning the house. Set acceptable standards that are good for the health of your family members.

  • Dust Pan and Brush

Once you accept that there will be more mess, you can buy some tools that your kids can clean up the surfaces by themselves. Get a child-sized brush and dustpan so that they can clean their working areas by themselves.

  • Wipe Up Cloths

Most of the messes kids make are dry, and hence you can have small pieces of clothes to use in wiping.

  • Start Fresh Every Day

We still stick to some of the night time routines even during school holidays. You will have peace of mind when you have a clean slate daily, and this will reinforce to your kids that the house should always have that look.

  • Rotate afternoon/morning tea duties including Clean Up

In the evening, you can share responsivities for cleaning up and making afternoon and morning tea. You can divide these duties among yourself and your children going children. This approach is essential in developing excellent motor skills in food preparation, independence skills, and helps the children to understand what takes place before they eat.

  • Eating Outside Whenever possible

Food makes messes, and you can eat outside once in a while to avoid the same. Sometimes you can take your picnic lunch or morning tea in the backyard. These steps will prevent the accumulation of crumb messes in your house.

  • Tip-Up Before the Quiet Time

Most kids enjoy having an afternoon nap, and you can use this as your technology time. It will keep the house quiet as the child sleeps and give you a moment for yourself. As you prepare the young kids to sleep, the older ones will know that it is time to tidy up both inside and out. Technology time calls for teamwork because all people make messes.

  • Normal Bedroom Routines

Children should tidy their rooms and make their bed every day before going to school. These routines should stand even during the holidays. You can do routine time checks to make sure that the rooms are tidy.

  • Enforce Pack Up First before the Next Activity

School holidays can out to be a big mess, and hence you have to be more vigilant by keeping an eye on what your kids are pilling from cupboards and other places.

  • Take Turns Vacuuming

Children can help you to vacuum the house during school holidays. It will help them clear their messes and learn to keep the house tidy. However, only use the bigger children for this task.

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